MacTrans - Transport Międzynarodowy i Krajowy *** „Nie ważne skąd i gdzie jedzie ładunek, ważne, że my potrafimy go dostarczyć”...



MAC TRANS uses continuous GSM and a satellite surveillance over the transported cargo, allowing continued coordination of activities at all stages of the freight service. Vehicles may be made ready for loading 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each tractor is equipped with a GPS device,  which optimizes each route, and has full third-party liability insurance, accident insurance and motor hull insurance as well as carrier's liability insurance cover. Our company also uses the services of trusted contractors who have to comply with virtually the same quality requirements as our company itself. We are also a participant in TimoCom exchange.

We do not hire drivers at random. They are all highly qualified specialists, which guarantees safe and timely transportation. Each driver has a designated truck. All vehicles are new and meet the requirements of the Euro 5 standard. Moreover, all vehicles are roadworthy thanks to the fact that we have our own garage with several service stations.

Pneumatic air brake systems are equipped with EBS/ABS WABCO type 2S/2M systems as well as the RSS system, the pneumatic suspension allows raising of the first and third axle of a trailer while driving without a load, which not only significantly reduces tire wear by reducing the rolling resistance of the fuel, but also reduces wear of bearings and brakes.