MacTrans - Transport Międzynarodowy i Krajowy *** „Nie ważne skąd i gdzie jedzie ładunek, ważne, że my potrafimy go dostarczyć”...



MAC TRANS Maciej Kałasz company specializes exclusively in refrigerated transport. We successfully provide transportation services related to import of fruit, as well as export of Polish agricultural produce.


Our refrigerated trucks are strictly regulated with ATP FRC certificates allowing the transport of cargo at a temperature from +25° C to -25° C. Each chiller is equipped with modern a thermograph recording temperature throughout transport.


Each time that you entrust us with the goods, you may be certain that they arrive at their destination in good condition. Our fleet consists only of DAF truck-tractors and mainly LAMBERET trailers, which are equipped with a specialized pneumatic system, enabling us to adjust the height of the floor to the height of the ramp. That gives us the possibility of loading the vehicle in any conditions. Tractors meet the strictest environmental standards (Euro 5); they all have L certifications. Trailers are designed for the transport of bonded goods and have GPS satellite control, which allows full supervision over the goods entrusted to us.


In order to meet the needs and requirements of domestic and foreign customers related to new directions of transport, we have extended our reach across the EU.