MacTrans - Transport Międzynarodowy i Krajowy *** „Nie ważne skąd i gdzie jedzie ładunek, ważne, że my potrafimy go dostarczyć”...



The MAC TRANS Maciej Kałasz company specializes in road transport.
We provide national transport services throughout Poland and execute international orders. We support local, national and multinational companies, as well as private individuals.

MAC TRANS company's mission is timely delivery of goods in excellent condition and temperature specified by the supplier.

All our trucks are designed for professional transport of all sorts of cargo, which ensures a very high quality of service for our customers. Our cars are controlled by the GPS satellite navigation system and mobile phones.

The company employs highly qualified and experienced drivers in domestic and international transport. We are constantly raising their skills through various training and courses. To increase the efficiency and quality of our services we carefully plan the route and inspect our vehicles.

We place great emphasis on ensuring the safety of both contractors and employees. From the very start we protect our employees' working hours, health and safety regulations, guarantee timely and safe execution of each transport of cargo job, whereas a minimum employee turnaround and extensive experience of drivers and shippers ensures high quality of our services.

We are a company that consists of specialized and highly trained staff in the field of logistics. Our knowledge is based on experience, but it doesn't mean that we rest on it.  We continually invest time and financial resources to improve our professional skills. Our theoretical knowledge and experience allows us to position ourselves as a reliable business partner for any client.