MAC TRANS company specializes only in refrigerated transport.We successfully transport fresh loads as well as frozen foods or medicines in the EU. Refrigerated structures on trailers have FRC and ATP certificates specified strictly in regulations enabling the transport of cargo in the temperatures from +25 degrees to -25 degrees. Every refrigeration unit is equipped with a modern thermograph recording the temperature throughout all the transport as well as secure locking by the Cargo Locking System.

By entrusting us the goods, you can be calm that they will arrive in good condition to its destination. Our trucks consists of DAF and VOLVO tractors and also KRONE semi-trailers, which have a specialized pneumatic system that allows to adjust the height of the floor to the height of the ramp giving the possibility for loading in all conditions.The tractors meet the currently strictest ecological standards (Euro 5 and 6), moreover all sets are L-certified. The semi-trailers are adapted to transport materials under customs seal. Permanent GPS satellite control allows the supervision in 100% of the entrusted goods, whereas the Cargo Locking system will not allow the trailer door to open to unwanted persons.